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Lights Out

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The city of Yokohama holds endless opportunities for photographer to capture stunning images. However, very few choose to use a longer lens to pick out the more abstract scenes. This particular image is a combination of photography and visual art to create a unique abstract piece that can be found in plain sight, but has been overlooked by everyone… until now!

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All Standard prints will be made on professional matted photography paper

All fine art prints will be made on SIHL Textured Mat Cotton Paper 320gsm fine art paper - it’s a matted paper with a slightly bumpy texture to compliment the texture of the building used to create the image.

There will be a limited number of fine art prints produced in each size:

11x14: 15

24x30: 10

A4: 15 (8.3x11.7)

A3: 15 (11.7x16.5)

A2: 10 (16.5x23.4)

Print info:


If you would like a different paper, please end me an email, and I’ll see what I can do. However, keep in mind, each print has been processed to match the paper I have selected, so any other papers may have slightly different appearance, in terms of contrast or sharpness.

All Fine art prints will be signed and numbered. If you'd rather not have the signature or numbering, please let me know. Standard prints will be signed, but not numbered, as they are not limited editions.


Smaller images (A3 or smaller/ 8x10/11x14) will be wrapped in soft paper, placed in a sealed plastic cover, and placed in a study hard envelope. Additionally, , A3 prints and 11x14 prints will have an extra piece of cardboard placed in the envelope to prevent bending. For international shipping: These smaller size prints will be sent through a regular mailing system, to ensure the lowest possible prices. At this time EMS services are unavailable for these sizes.

Larger prints (A2 or larger/ 16x20) will be rolled and placed in a shipping tube purchased at JP Post. The prints will be wrapped in soft paper, however at this I'm unable to find plastic large enough to cover these prints. For international shipping: These large size prints will be sent using the EMS system in Japan, which means all shipments at this size will be tracked.


The photographer reserves the right to reproduce this image for use in greetings cards, calendars, books and for any other promotional purposes. Any reproductions made by anyone other than the photographer is forbidden.


At this time, refunds will only be offered to insured prints (currently only available in Japan) and prints sent via the EMS system. Refunds will only be offered for prints that have been damaged before arrival if reported within 14 days of receiving the order. For uninsured prints and international shipments, refunds will only be offered before the print has been produced by the printing service used.