Jordan McChesney


I picked up my first digital camera in 2008 as a dirt poor college student, and upgraded to a Nikon D5000 the following year, using my entire tax return in the process. From there, my passion for taking pictures grew until I finally decided to get serious in 2016. I upgraded yet again in 2017, to a D5500, and continued to hone my understanding of photography basics. I didn’t limit myself to any specific subject. I photographed everything from flowers, to landscapes, to fireworks festivals. In late 2018 and early 2019 I upgraded all of my gear to Nikkor lens and Nikon D850. Gear doesn’t make the photographer, but I’ve never been happier with the quality of my images, and I look forward to capturing the beauty our planet has to offer.


I was born and raised in a rather small town outside of Vancouver, Canada, so I never imagined I would be living in Japan. I took my first trip to Japan in 2013 and immediately fell in love with the people, the nature, the reliable public transportation, and the opportunities it opened for my photography. I moved to Japan in 2014, and from there my life has only gotten more interesting and more rewarding. The remarkable beauty of Japan is one of the major reasons I decided to focus on improving as a photographer. I’ve made it my personal goal to travel to each of Japan’s 47 prefectures to capture the beauty this amazing country has to offer.

Other stuff you might want to know (other than photography)

As a Canadian, passion for hockey runs deep within my blood. Almost as deep as photography... almost.

When I’m not spending all of my money on traveling and photography, I’m spending it on my vinyl record collection. It was one of the few things I brought with me to Japan.

Before I took up photography, I was a stage actor and writer. I wasn’t spectacular, but I did win an improv championship. I also co-wrote, co-directed, and performed in a production for a directors’ festival with a talented team of classmates.