More Bang for your Buck

Greetings fellow users of the internet.

As you know, my shop went down, last month, so I could make some changes before continuing to sell my prints. The reason I did this was to “enhance the value” of each print, at least in theory.

From now on, with each limited edition fine art print, you will receive:

A certificate of authenticity. This will include information, such as the date the photo was taken, the location, the print date, and my signature, to prove that the print was indeed taken by and printed by yours truly. This may not be a big deal now, but if I ever make it big, you’ll want to hold on to it!

A personalized thank you letter on a postcard I’ve made myself. Previously, I had been writing my personalized letters on a piece of note paper, which isn’t uncommon, but I was encouraged to try doing something a with a little more pizazz, thus I made my own postcard on extra thick paper. So from now on, you’ll not only be getting a personally written letter from me, but you’ll be getting it on a fancy little postcard I made myself.

The background about the image. This information can also be found on the print page, for each image. However, I’ve decided to write an even more detailed version for each of my prints, so you can better understand the story behind each image. The reason I’ve decided to do this, is to share why each image is special to me. I don’t just sell the images I think look the best, I sell the ones that mean the most to me… and look the best.

For standard prints, you will receive the background about the image, and the letter. However, since they are not limited edition, they won’t include a certificate of authenticity.

Another reason I’ve decided to add these extra things to my prints is because I, unfortunately, had to raise my prices. I underestimated the amount of time and effort I would have to spend picking up my prints, getting the boxes, and filling out paperwork. On top of that, the service I use for processing my purchases also takes a slice of the profit. That being said, my prices are still well below the average price for fine art prints, so you’re still getting some of the best prices possible.

Thank you for reading, and thank you for your support. I’m working on some more affordable options, and will be making a blog post about that, hopefully, within the next week or two.