Shipping Price Changes

Greetings fellow users of the internet.

In a previous post, I talked about some of my shipping policies and price points. As I also mentioned in that post, those prices were subject to change. Upon sending my first shipment, I found that I had underestimated the shipping price for my larger prints. From now on, all prints at a size of 16x20 or A2 or larger will be sent using the EMS service here in Japan. This has some benefits, and some drawbacks, which I will briefly discuss here.

What is EMS?

Well, basically, it’s a form of shipping used for larger packages here in Japan. The shipping price system here can best be describe as “convoluted”, as simply adding a note with someone’s name in it is enough to change the classification of the contents, thus changing the price. However, those conditions don’t apply to the EMS system, which makes it easier for me. As such, I will be able to personally thank each person who purchases a larger print, name and all, without worrying about breaking any classification rules.


Each package is tracked, so you can check when your package was sent, and you can follow its movement

It’s fast. While standard shipping can take upwards of one to two weeks, EMS can arrive as quickly as just a few days after being shipped.

It’s insured, so if the picture is somehow damaged or lost during shipment, I will hopefully be able to provide you with a replacement. Keep in mind, I’m still working out the details here, so I can’t make any concrete promises at this point.


It’s ridiculously expensive. If you live outside of Japan, the shipping cost for all large size prints will just about triple in price, going up to just over $20 for those living in Africa and South America. I’m working on ways to bring these prices down, but the current packaging I use with JP post is too large for me to send any other way.

I apologize for the price increase, however, at this point there’s not much I can do. I’m currently searching for smaller tubes with lids, so I can provide my previously offered prices. However, as I’m learning, finding art supplies in Japan is incredibly difficult, especially when you don’t know what anything is called.

Thank you for your understanding.